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Hair extensions are a fabulous way of obtaining the hair you have always wanted. Whether you are growing out a shorter style, adding thickness and fullness or achieving a length you can't naturally grow, NR Hair Design offer the very highest level of service and results.

NR Hair Design have been working with Balmain Paris Hair Extensions and Remy Hair Extensions since 2005. I believe these systems offers the most flexibility and natural-looking results. Though some salons or other mobile hairdressers offer synthetic hair, I insist on using the highest grades of human hair for a flawless result.

NR Hair Design uses the Pre Bonded method of application for hair extensions.

The decision of the amount of hair extensions will depend on your existing hair length and style, your length and style requirements, your budget and your aftercare and maintenance preference.


Balmain Paris Hair Extensions

 Balmain Hair Half Head (Application)

 Balmain Hair Full Head (Application)

 Balmain Hair Removal (Half)

 Balmain Hair Removal (Full)

 Check Up

 Balmain Hair Colour Flash







Full Head and Half Head of Extensions are inclusive of initial Balmain Paris Hair Extension Shampoo, Conditioner, Products and a specially designed Balmain Paris Hair Extension Brush. The package also includes a free "Check Up"  four weeks after application, (consisting of Wash, Blow Dry and Re - Application of any loose Extensions)

 The Procedure

  • Consultation. This takes approximately half an hour and covers aftercare, suitability, extensions placement and any queries you may have. A final price for the service will also be given.
  • Colour match. If you have your hair coloured, this takes place after your colour service. The extensions appointment can then be booked on payment of a £200.00 non-refundable deposit.
  • Application. The hair is cleansed to remove any trace of conditioner, products and natural oils to provide the best surface for the bonding material. The extensions are applied (total application time for a full head is usually 4- 6 hours) and cut into style.
  • Check up visits. I will need to see you approximately once every four to six weeks. As the extensions become older, the bonds become visible and the style will start to look tired. With rotation, I will remove some of the extensions and reapply closer to the root using the same hair. Occasionally top-up hair maybe required which will incur an additional charge.
  • Removal. Some clients prefer continual rotation, and therefore never have full removal. Others prefer occasional removal then new extensions with new hair. Removal and reapplication on the same day is possible.


 Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Half Head (Application) 

Remy Hair Full Head (Application)

Remy Hair Removal (Half)

Remy Hair Removal (Full)

Check up

Remy Hair Colour Flash








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